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Sabrina and Jimmy Horel left their careers to WANDXR in a VW Bus, get fit, and eat vegan. Money isn't the key to happiness but loving what you do is. Life's an incredible journey but we get wrapped up chasing things that we forget to slow down and enjoy the ride. By owning less, they saved enough money to travel and start a business on the road pursuing their passions of photography and video.


There are infinite ways to live. This rent-free and nomadic lifestyle created the opportunity to DREAM BIG. Houses and air conditioning seem important but the things that matter most can't be bought, they must be experienced. 


The American Dream is the desire to be free and do what you love. 


Through their journey across America, they remind us how beautiful the world is and the importance of living in the moment. Amazing things happen when we choose love over fear.  


We live in a world of depressing headlines, it's no wonder we lost the desire to believe in dreams. There's a lot of darkness but there's also people who want to do good and together, we can achieve great things.




Shop with a purpose.

Wandxr gives back to the environment, animals, and humanitarian causes with every purchase.

Always Vegan. Always Love.


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