In 2013, Jimmy, a French backpacker met Sabrina, a free-spirit from California. They left their countries to backpack together, seeking adventure. In 2016, they traded their jobs in finance and construction to wander full-time and pursue their passions of photography and video production.  

They restored a 1973 VW Bus and set off to discovering the beauty of North America with their dogs Austin and Seepy. Documenting their journey on social media, they built a community of over 270,000 nomadic lovers. They drove over 70,000 miles across three countries and nearly the entire United States.


Their adventures were featured in top national and international media publications such as Forbes, Lonely Planet, and Men’s Health. They raised over $4,000 to donate to charities that protect the environment, our community, and animals around the world.

Now, expats in Belize they're ready to explore new, uncharted territories in one of the only continents they’ve never been to: South America. Together, they’ll discover the jungle, the world’s best beaches and more, and connect with local culture to share it all online with you.


Our mission is to inspire you to do what you love,
to show you how beautiful the world is,
and why now more than ever, we need to protect it.  


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