Back On The Road With Welly


"We can learn to trust that the power that holds galaxies together can handle the circumstances of our relatively little lives."


We're back on the road for a few weeks and I wish we could say it's all sunsets and donuts but lately the opposite's true. One challenge after another, it's enough to make us go mad. Our first instinct is to get angry, lose hope, or feel sorry for ourselves but this is part of the journey too. Adventures aren't easy. They're messy but beautiful. Difficulties remind us how badly we want something and to appreciate the good.

Together, we cling to the last ray of light. We forget the struggle and remember the cherry sky and the seagulls chirping as the waves caress the shore. Life is as beautiful as we make it. Whenever we're somewhere we don't want to be, we have our imagination to wander. 

The road is home and our hearts are the compass. Everyday we wake up in a different place, to explore something new, and see things we've never seen. Change is our constant. To stay grounded, we started incorporating a morning routine. We begin our days in nature, where the dogs can run and be free. I make hot green tea or lemon water in our Welly bottles. Then I stretch, meditate, and journal while Jimmy plays with the dogs.


We learn to select our thoughts with the same detail as we select our belongings. As minimalists, we keep only what matters. Where energy goes, life flows.

We're partnering with Welly to give access to clean drinking water to those in need. From months of backpacking abroad, we learned how severe the issue is. Young children in Africa would run up to us every time asking for water. Something that seems so basic but we need it to survive and they struggle everyday to find it. We gave them what we had but it broke our hearts every time that we couldn't do more. We watched them share an old plastic bottle full of dirty, murky water with their friends. Now, we can do something to make a difference. 

Welly is durable enough for van life and helps us stay hydrated all day. The built-in, removable infuser lets us make loose leaf tea or coffee when we backpack. The insulation keeps our water cold and coffee warm. The bamboo bottles are here when we wake up and fall asleep. Welly keeps us going during peaceful sunsets, crazy mountain hikes, and every moment in between. Join the movement. Buy a bottle, tag @wellybottle and @wandxrbus on Instagram,  and show us how you Welly. 


This post is sponsored by welly Bottles

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