Grocery Shopping List


The first time I tried going vegan I lasted 10 days before caving and eating a whole dozen cupcakes. It was my birthday and my bff surprised me with dessert that had eggs and milk in it. Goodbye diet, hello sweets.

One of the main reasons I failed was because going to the grocery store was incredibly painful. I didn’t know where to start, what to buy, or how to read ingredient labels properly. I'm not a fruit and salad kind of girl.

Over the years, I found a simple combination that makes cooking vegan easy: 1 Grain + 1-3 Veggies + 1 Protein = Meal. For example, pasta + onions, tomatoes, and zucchini + vegan chicken = delicious and healthy. 

The second time I decided to fully commit to my new plant based diet. I spent hours at a computer researching what to eat and now years later grocery shopping is a breeze.   



Unless we're on a low carb diet, this is the basis of every meal. We prefer whole grains because they're easier to digest and keep us in shape but sometimes we can’t resist devouring an entire French bread. It's about balance. Our staple grains include quinoa, couscous, pasta, rice, bread, tortillas, and oatmeal.


The right vegetables are essential in adding flavor and variety to our meals. I wasn’t a cook before I went vegan so I still prefer using vegetables that are easy to cook. Some of our favorites are broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, avocado, onions, and peppers.



People think a plant based diet must be low in protein but I’m healthier than I've ever been. We eat a high protein vegan diet and we're in the best shape of our lives. There's many alternatives to meat that are delicious and much healthier. Less calories, less fat, and zero cholesterol.

We always include protein in our meals like frozen veggie meats (chicken, burgers, fish), tofu, seitan, veggie hot dogs, veggie sandwich meat, beans (garbanzo, lentils, black, pinto, fat-free refried, kidney), soy milk, peanut butter, and protein powder.



Another reason I failed miserably the first time was because I couldn’t find the right cheese substitute and I can’t live without cheese. We love adding it to our pasta, sandwiches, or just about anything. My favorite at the moment is the So Delicious Cheddar Jack Shreds. It tastes like the Mexican blend my mom used to pile on every meal. Our other top picks are anything by Daiya and Field Roast.



We eat two snacks a day so it’s important to buy enough. When we run out of snacks we're 100 times more likely to give into unhealthy temptations at gas stations or fast food. Our favorite snacks include pretzels with hummus, fruits (berries, melons, oranges, bananas, applesauce), vegan yogurt, veggies (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes), nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios), protein bars (Clif, Luna, Kind), and rice cakes.


Other Essentials

We always make sure we have these in the kitchen - garlic salt, paprika, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a soy or almond based creamer for coffee.


Let us know what we should add to the list in the comment section below. Want an alternative to your favorite non-vegan food? We can recommend one.