Van Life Hacks

To make living on the road easy

Small habits make a big difference. This is what we wish we knew when we started our nomadic lifestyle a year and a half ago.

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To cut the cost of living on the road, we refill gallons of water instead of buying new ones. We drink a lot especially our dogs. We find fountains at grocery stores, gyms, parks, visitor centers, rest areas, and more. Almost everywhere in America has free water. For our sink, we refill it anywhere like in a river, stream, or campground.


This was helpful before we installed solar panels or on cloudy days when we don't have power. We find outlets outside of buildings to charge our equipment, laptops, and phones. It's like a game to find outlets in public places. I never noticed it before but they're actually everywhere.


3. GYM pass FOR A 24 HR GYM

This is the best advice. We started #vanlife with a pass for a small chain. When we got to Canada, there wasn't any so we had to pay for showers at laundromats, recreation centers, and campgrounds. Each time it cost around $10. That's $300/month to shower everyday. We invested in a more universal gym pass instead. We chose Anytime Fitness because it has the most locations in the USA and Canada. We love that it's open 24 hours because we can stop in anytime for a warm shower.

4. ICE

Having an ice maker isn't an option and wouldn't be necessary but sometimes we need ice to make protein shakes after the gym or to keep our refrigerator fresh when we don't have enough solar power. It's also nice to have fresh water in the summer. We don't like to buy ice because it comes in a large bag and we don't have enough space. Instead, we go to gas stations, Starbucks, or fast foods and fill up our cups for free. 


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