The Vegan Side of Austin

Texas means ribs on the barbecue and steakhouses on every corner. We didn’t expect to find an array of choices like we did in Austin. There’s a heavy hippie influence. The city is brimming with vegan offerings. That doesn’t mean it’s all good. Find out what we like and didn’t like from the meat-loving capital city.



If you can only visit one place for dinner it’s Arlo’s. The food truck parked outside of Cheer Up Charlie’s transports you to a different world. Not only because the food is delicious but the vibe is so chill. The decor is cool from their colorful picnic tables to lampposts. They even have live shows. We were surprisingly shocked by the Mac’n Cheese. It’s probably the best I’ve had. The Bac’n Cheeseburger is a serious burger packed with flavor. The Chick’n Tacos are amazing. You can’t beat the special sauce. It isn’t complete without a side of sweet potato and chili cheese fries.


BBQ Revolution

This is the only vegan BBQ in town and it was a hell of a let down. The food was cold. The “ribs” taste like dry bread. It’s basically tempeh smothered in bbq sauce. The brisket is too chewy. The sides are short of exceptional. It was a unique experience but we were definitely disappointed. Maybe this is a wake up call for Texas to get serious on its plant-based BBQ?


Capital City Bakery

This is my favorite bakery on the whole US tour!!! As soon as I arrived my jaw dropped. Everything tastes as good as it looks. It’s all so rich in flavor and the perfect amount of sweet. The pastries are so fresh it reminds me of the authentic French bakeries back home. We tried the ham and cheese kolaches, oatmeal cookie sandwiches and cheesecakes. Biting into the strawberry blonde cupcake is love. You can taste and smell the good energy. The staff is so inviting. We had more food than we could eat but I still wanted more.