The Future of the VW Bus

True icons never die but sometimes they evolve. Volkswagen is bringing back the bus and we have an exclusive first look. The fully electric, autonomous driving van is a prototype scheduled for distribution in 2020. It’s the only one in the world right now, visiting Miami from Germany.

Is it the future of van life? Does the reincarnated hippie bus live up to our expectations? Find out now and check out these photos for a first look at the ID Buzz – the next generation of VW Bus.


It’s fifty years younger with a new look but the soul remains unchanged. The Buzz represents everything the Bus stood for – freedom, fun, and adventure. Everything is fully automatic, even the sliding doors and trunk. There’s a tablet in the middle with navigation and social media apps and a levating gnome on the dashboard to keep you centered while you drive. The front seats swivel back and make the perfect place to chill with passengers.

Okay so it isn’t fully stocked for camping like ours but you can’t deny the charm. We won’t be switching over anytime soon but we’re sure excited to see these babies on the road!


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