Q&A: Ask Us Anything

We answer the questions you ask us on Instagram from living in a van to traveling with dogs. 



Where do we keep our clothes?

This is our most common question. Our hightop VW Bus was built in the 70s to sleep four people but instead we use the extra space for storage. I'm slightly OCD and organize our living space like a big Tetris game. We also roll our clothes to save space.

Most of our clothes are in bins above the bed and cab area. We have a small closet for dresses and coats. 

Shoes are under the back seat. 

Why do we travel in a bus?

We love the adventure of living on the road. A minimalist lifestyle let us pursue our dream of traveling full time and start our own business creating digital content. The goal is to be self-reliant so we don't have to work jobs we hate. When we have solar power and wifi, we can work from anywhere.  


Do we have another home?

No, everything we own is on four wheels. Almost two years later and it's crazy to me that we live in a car.


How did we start?

We worked to save enough to (1) pay our debt, (2) buy a van, (3) build a van and (4) fund the cost of living  ($2,000/month) for long enough before we could make money.


What's our favorite National Park?

This is the hardest one because we love them all. If we had to agree on one it's Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.




Is is easy to travel with dogs?

It's not easy but fun and rewarding like what we imagine having kids is like. It can be a pain in the ass like this morning when I woke up in Seepy's pee. Or the one time Austin chewed my favorite unworn heels (I only have two pairs). Otherwise they’re like us. They eat, poop, play, and sleep. They're always ready to love and wandxr. 


What do we do with the dogs if we go to a party or day trip?

At night, the dogs just sleep until we're home. If we leave them in the bus during the day, we aim for early mornings or after sunset. We plan our days around them. We leave windows open and a bowl of water. We don’t do a lot without them. They're part of the adventure.


How do we cross borders with dogs?

We have proof of rabies vaccination from the vet. 



How do we work out on the road?

We have a gym pass and go everyday if we can (we shower there). If there’s none around, we hike, do exercises without weights, or enjoy being lazy until we find the next gym.



How do we cook?

We have a two burner propane stove.


Where do we shower and use the restroom?

We shower at the gym. When we camp we use a 5 gallon solar heated shower bag. Restrooms are easy to find at a gas station, grocery store, or coffee shop. When we have to we go in the wild (or in a cup) and always have toilet paper ready.


How do we wash dishes?

We have a small sink but prefer doing them outside with a spray bottle. It saves water.


How do we find campsites?

We look for free campsites online or at National Forests, BLM Lands, and some State Parks. We always read reviews and ask locals for spots.


Are we scared to live alone in the wild?

We love camping in the wilderness alone. The freedom is unbeatable. Sometimes we hear a noise but Austin's quick to check it out and scare whatever it is away. 


Where do we sleep in cities?

Walmart or on quiet streets where we won't be noticed.


Any advice for people who want to #vanlife?

Try it and don't stop until it's yours. It's not easy to live in a tiny house but if you can give up the comforts of a regular home it opens your world to one larger than before. If you can't buy a van, rent one and go on the adventure of a lifetime with someone you love.



What do we run for power?

We have two flexible solar panels (200W) connected to a deep cycle auxiliary battery. Detailed post coming soon.


What's our engine and transmission?

It’s a 1700cc engine with manual transmission.


What's our top speed?

The fastest we've gone is 85 MPH down a hill with a huge gust of wind behind us, on a really, really good day. It’s rare that we go over 60/65 MPH. We don't go fast but we go far.


Are our engine and carburetor stock?

Yes but our engine's rebuilt.


Is our bus fuel injected?

No, we have a weber progressive carb.


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