How to Travel Anywhere as a Vegan


Traveling the world as a vegan is difficult but not impossible. I stick to a plant-based diet from rural parts of Africa to meat-loving cities in Europe. I eat delicious vegan food on road trips or when I backcountry camp. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. I stay healthy, rarely get sick. My digestive system is great and I maintain my figure with very little effort. Here’s everything I learned from my years of traveling as a vegan.

1. Be Prepared

When traveling abroad know the language before you go. Learn key words like “vegan,” “no meat,” and “no cheese.” Some places are still totally unfamiliar with what vegan means. You say you don’t eat meat so they offer you chicken. You might want to invest in a Vegan Passport. It’s a guidebook that provides translations of basic phrases in most languages. It pays to know.

Contact your airline in advance to notify them of your dietary restrictions. Most are happy to provide a vegan meal at no additional charge.

Always carry snacks incase of emergencies – especially during flights or on the road. Bring multivitamins and B-12 supplements to combat deficiencies. Other essentials include EmergenC, powdered greens or wheat grass, dry food, and small packs of protein powder.

2. Be A Smart Grocery Shopper

Always check the freezer section for vegan goodies. I was surprised to find plenty of stores in Africa and small towns on the road that offer a variety of products including veggie burgers and chicken nuggets.

Buy Your Proteins (peanut butter, nuts, beans, soy milk, tofu, veggie meats, protein bars), Carbs (rice, bread, pasta, avocados, fruits, veggies, oatmeal), and Snacks (pretzel, cereal, chips).

For cooking use olive oil and garlic salt for flavor.

3. Dining Out Is Always Possible

Research before you go – check Google, Happy Cow and Yelp for vegan-friendly options in the area.

Ask locals for advice on where you can find a vegetarian meal.

In case of an emergency order french fries. They’re served almost everywhere in the world and taste great topped with a can of beans for protein. I usually order a green salad for a more balanced meal.

Traveling as a vegan isn’t always easy but with knowledge and preparation it can be done.