How To Install A Sink In A Van


Having a sink in your campervan turns your vehicle into a tiny home on wheels. That's why we always imagined having one in our camper. We use it to wash our faces in the morning, give water to the dogs, and clean our dishes at night. Here's what you need to get running water in a van:





Our setup is very basic: one 7 gallon tank for clean water that we fill up

approximately every 10-14 days,  one 5 gallon tank for the

used water to drain, 1 kitchen faucet , 1 electric water pump, an on-

off switch, a stainless steel small kitchen sink, 1 fuse, and

some 12-14 AWG wires.



To get the pump working first mount it at the location you want and connect a fuse to the positive wire.

Then, run the same wire to one side of the on-off switch.

Connect the other side of the switch to the positive side of your battery.

Then, ground the negative wire from the pump by screwing it into any cleaned metal frame of the van. 



Next up, connect the 7 gallon water tank for clean water to the left side of the pump. The faucet connects to the right side.

To drain the water to the 5 gallon dirty water tank, we mounted a PVC pipe connector to a 1  1/4" hose at the bottom of the sink (drain).  



Our sink allows us to be more independent giving us the comfort of having running water in our camper van when we're in the middle of the desert, deep in the forest, or far from civilization. It's super easy to fill up, we simply take the tanks out of the cabinets and fill one up while draining the other one. All items we used are linked to the products. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: This is our setup. It doesn't mean it's the best setup or the only way. It's simply what we used as amateurs renovating our own camper van.