Home in a VW Bus

As I got older I thought my house would get bigger but now I live in a tiny home and I couldn’t be happier.


My husband and I restored an old VW Bus and last summer we moved in. 80 square feet to share with a lover and everything you own. Thankfully our little bus has all the components of home – electricity, a bed, full closet, kitchen, and storage space. Simply everything, own little, and see it all.

We’ve driven over 8,000 miles across the US and Canada. Everyday we have new neighbors and every morning there’s a different sunrise to watch. Bus is the best way to travel and when done right van life is the most amazing experience. Moving into a smaller space opens the door to a world much bigger than before.

What do we eat?

A typical road trip starts with a bag of chips and good candy but when the road is home things change and finding a balance is necessary. Of course we indulge in the occasional munchies but for the most part we stay away from gas station food. Our fridge is stocked with fresh veggies and vegan meat. Our pantry is full of whole grains like bread, pasta, and quinoa. The two burner stove is perfect to cook a healthy and delicious meal.


How do we stay clean?

A gym pass is a great investment to stay clean and in shape but sometimes there’s no gym in sight. Thankfully there’s a quick alternative. Body wipes and dry shampoo are a must and keep us feeling refreshed between washes. We stay away from the over-priced, disgusting truck stops and prefer to find showers at campgrounds or laundromats. Finding a place to shower is always a funny story to tell. Like the pioneer explorers of the past our lust to discover new places is never satisfied. We move fast and travel often and quite frankly giving up your daily shower isn’t such a bad trade off.

Where do we sleep?

At first it was disturbing to find somewhere to sleep in a city we knew nothing about. The last thing we want is a cop knocking at our window telling us to leave. Stealth sleeping is possible when done right. We use the satellite mode on Google maps to find a good residential place to park where we won’t be noticed. Making the bed and closing the curtains before we get there helps to not blow our cover. Outside of the city is easier as you often find yourself alone with the stars. There’s no better way to wake up than in nature. Regardless, wherever we’re at our memory foam mattress and blackout curtains make it hard to leave the bed.

Moving into a smaller space opens the door to a world much bigger than before.

What do we do?

We’re either hiking in the woods or eating good vegan food in the city. Our favorite way to keep busy is to explore the unknown, take a random walk, or read a good book. Movies and cuddles keep us warm at night. And if we’re not doing any of the above, we’re planning our next adventure from the nearest coffee shop.