Greetings from Austin

Austin is for cool kids. Colorful art decorates the city walls and the smell of food trucks fills the air. There’s live music on every corner. It sounds like the place is dripping with hipsters but there’s something so authentic about it that everyone wants to visit.


We started at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, the only paint park in the USA. People smother the walls in spray paint, some create masterpieces while others scribble their name. We climbed to the top and watched the skyline turn gold for sunset. At night, we took a walk on the Trail Of Lights. There’s so much to see in the city you’ll always find a reason to smile.

A scenic 30 mile drive from the city and we discovered the reason we came to Austin.

We were standing beneath the waterfall at the Hamilton Pool and I had one of those dreams-really-do-come-true moments.

The bright blue water cascades into the swimming hole below and the sound echoes off the cave walls. The sun is always shining. A little getaway becomes a magical fairytale. There was no one on the small beach but us. Some places are capable of transporting you straight to heaven. Hamilton Pool is at the top of the list.