Fast Food in San Antonio

Earth Burger delivers the classic American hamburger stand to plant-based eaters. It’s a unique experience to try vegan fast food in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. The food is so delicious there should be one in every city. From chick-n tenders and fishless sandwiches to brownies and ice cream for dessert, thinking about it makes me hungry.

Drive-thru or dine-in, Earth Burger gives a great name to veggie burgers. The patties are thick and topped with cheese. The french fries are crispy and golden, and the chia fresca lemonade is perfect to wash it all down. The menu is so diverse there’s always something exciting to try.

Vegan fast food is an upcoming trend that most cities aren’t lucky enough to have. When I went vegan five years ago the only thing I could order from a drive-thru was french fries. Times are changing and now living a vegan lifestyle is easier than ever. It’s places like Earth Burger that revolutionize the future of plant-based eating because everyone deserves a good burger.

See full menu here.

Because everyone deserves a good burger.