Diet Hacks: Lose Weight Fast

Finally, weight loss secrets that actually work. Implementing these Dieting tricks will Help reach your body goals In no time.

  1. Start your day with a cup of warm lemon water: the pectin in the lemon helps to activate your metabolism and you’ll burn more fat throughout the day; try adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, ginger, and cinnamon to spice it up and lose weight fast.

  2. Eat lots of Potassium: this is one of the primary minerals in your body and getting enough everyday will help fight sugar cravings and get rid of excess water weight; some great sources of potassium are potatoes, beets, swiss chard, and white beans.

  3. Eat a high protein diet: this helps you feel fuller longer and will make sure you lose fat instead of muscle; i like to supplement my diet with two plant-based protein shakes everyday (one for breakfast and one post-workout).

  4. Eat less carbs and more healthy fats: studies show that you’ll lose more fat on a low-carb diet than a low-fat diet but not all fats are created equal; stay away from junk and processed food; fill up on healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and seeds.

  5. Go vegan: eating a plant-based diet is naturally lower in calories and fat, plus it’s cholesterol free; it’s higher in fiber and increases your metabolism; studies show vegans have a smaller waistline on average compared to meat eaters.

  6. Drink plenty of water: drinking 1-2 cups of water before every meal will help you feel full and eat less calories.

  7. Eat leafy greens and vegetables high in fiber: higher fiber diets are linked to lower belly fat; fiber is a natural appetite suppressant; examples include broccoli, spinach, kale, chards, beans, apples, and almonds.

  8. Replace coffee with unsweetened tea: unless you drink your coffee black without sugar or creamer, your coffee probably has too much sugar and calories that prevent you from losing weight; instead replace with tea which naturally boosts your metabolism and helps you fight cravings.

  9. Portion control and count calories: if you don’t portion your food, chances are you’re overeating which prevents you from losing fat no matter how much you work out; weigh out all your portions and use an app like My Fitness Pal to help you count your calories and macros.

  10. Eat anti-inflammatory foods and foods that help burn fat: this will help you lose water weight and reduce bloating; it also helps regulate your blood sugar level; some examples include tumeric, berries, green tea, garlic, matcha powder, and onions.

Watch the Full Video on youtube for more. Good luck on your weight-loss journey and remember, the number on the scale means nothing. it’s all about the way you feel.


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