Deluxe Vegan Platter

No more boring vegan food. Toast and oatmeal for breakfast is behind us. Thanks to the amazing substitute products you can find in most grocery stores it’s now possible to recreate any of our favorite non-vegan dishes like the Grand Slam from Denny’s. Thick, fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and juicy sausage – all 100% plant-based! Next time you want a hearty vegan breakfast start here.


1. Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix

Use the original mix, it’s vegan if you substitute milk and eggs for soy milk and egg replacer. Top it off with Earth Balance butter and pancake syrup.

2. Lightlife Sausage

Cut and roll into links or slice as patties.

3. Sweet Earth Bacon

No other veggie bacon comes close.

4. Firm Tofu

Use for scrambled eggs. Squeeze between paper towels to dry. Cook until golden brown.